1. Beginner's Course

Course fee: Rs. 2500/-

Duration: 4 Hours

Mode of Teaching: Offline

This course is suitable for them, who have not opened a Demat and Trading Account yet and are planning to open the same. We OFFER them a FREE Demat and trading account and give the following training.

Part - 1: Introduction to Stock Market.

Part - 2: What is Trading Terminal.

Part - 4: What are the different types of orders.

Part - 5: What is Chart and how it forms.

Part - 6: How to transfer money to trading a/c and from trading a/c.

2. Technical Analysis Course

Course fee : Rs. 6500/-

Duration : 14 Hours

Mode of Teaching: Offline

This course is suitable for them, who are already having a Demat and Trading Account and who want to trade successfully by learning the Basics of Technical Analysis.

Part - 1: Introduction to Technical Analysis

What is the goal of price analysis, What is Technical Analysis and Fundamental Analysis and what is the difference between them.

Part- 2: Dow Theory

What is Dow Theory, Types of Market as per Dow Theory ( Bull & Bear Markets), Different Phases of Bull & Bear Markets.

Part- 3: Support and Resistance

What is Support & Resistance, Why Support & resistance are Formed, Trend lines, Channels, what is Break out & Break down.

Part- 4: Moving Average & Technical Analysis

What is Moving Average, Why we use that in Trading, Different Types of Moving Averages, How Moving Averages Constructed, Use of Moving Average as Support Line and Resistance Line, Identify Trend Reversal by using moving Average.

Part- 5: Different Chart Patterns

Double Top Reversal, Double Bottom Reversal, Head and Shoulders Top (Reversal), Head and Shoulders Bottom (Reversal), Falling Wedge (Reversal), Rising Wedge (Reversal), Rounding Bottom (Reversal), Triple Top Reversal, Triple Bottom Reversal, Bump and Run Reversal (Reversal), Flag, Pennant (Continuation), Symmetrical Triangle (Continuation), Ascending Triangle (Continuation), Descending Triangle (Continuation), Rectangle (Continuation), Price Channel (Continuation), Measured Move - Bullish (Continuation), Measured Move - Bearish (Continuation), Cup with Handle (Continuation)

Part- 6: Oscillators (or Momentum Indicators):

What is Oscillators or momentum indicators, Overbought Zone & Oversold Zone in Oscillator Chart, Interpretation of Overbought & Oversold Condition, Importance of Early Buy or Sell Signal in Oscillator, ROC, RSI, MACD, & STOCKCHASTICKS, ADX, divergences in oscillators.

Part- 7: Candlesticks Theory:

Engulfing: Bull & Bear, Hammer: Bullish & Bearish, Morning & Evening Star Patterns, Morning Doji & Evening Doji Star Patterns, Dark Cloud & Piercing Line Patterns, Three White Soldiers & Three Black Crows, Bullish Three Method Pattern Formation, Bullish Harami & Bearish Harami Patterns.

Part- 8: Elliot Wave theory:

Concept of Elliot Wave Theory, Basic Rules of Elliot Wave Theory, 9-Degree of Waves, Impulsive & Corrective Waves, What we can take and use from this Theory.

Part- 9: How to trade:

How should one trade in the stock market by using the above knowledge and different strategies. Where to take buy entries, where to take short entries and where should one book profit.

Part- 10: Doubt clearing:

3. Online Strategy Courses

Course fee : Rs. 2500/- per category

Duration : 1 Hour per category

Mode of Teaching: Online


Trading Strategy


Trading Strategy


Stock/Stock Fut
Trading Strategy


Stock/Stock Fut
Trading strategy

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